Precision ad placement that drives the right traffic!

Reach your audience when they are ready for you! Meet the first artificial intelligence governed advertising platform as we go beyond industry standards!

Making each ad count!

What if you could forecast audience behaviour? What if you could deliver the notion of your product or service to them exactly when they need it and where they need it? This is what ittechav advertising platform is best at and it is what our algorithms do best. By constantly evaluating the context of each publication and community feedback, we deliver your ad campaign to the audience that has a forecasted intent of following up on your advert. Moreover, thanks to our integration capabilities, your ads serve as a compliment to the publication’ design, being displayed in the right place and at the right time, greatly improving the feel and audience’ experience. By tapping into the user experience our ad placement technology goes beyond the conversion rates you are used to and brings stellar campaign performance. We call it precision targeting, our clients call it business growth!

Benefits for advertisers
  • Precision targeting - Your ads are published when they fit the emotional context of the page and when just the right audience visit it. To make this happen our algorithms evaluate over 500 metrics and redirect traffic to your business within minutes of display time.
  • Effective budgeting - By increasing ad conversions, we uncover the real potential of your budget. Put simply, your marketing spend gets dedicated to the audience that converts, instead of temporary traffic that diminishes over time.
  • Adaptable ad formats - We don’t set boundaries on the appearance of your adverts. Instead, our ad placement technology decides on the best format for each and every publication within our publishers network and delivers a native looking appearance of your ad, making it fluent to the context and design
Time for a new ad campaign and better growth!

On board with the most efficient advertising platform in the industry and experience the conversion rate that goes beyond standards.

Formats your ads will be seen in:
  • In text
  • Below the text
  • Feed view
  • Centre of the page
  • Location responsive pop-up
Campaign data and insights

Understanding your campaign results and performance serves as a benchmark of tailoring your future marketing strategy. This is why we provide the most effective metrics on the user behaviour and give an in-depth understanding of the audience your advertising both attracts and doesn't.

  • Audience insight - See what attracts your audience and the context of the page the ad is displayed at
  • Competition insight - Discover how your ad campaign perform compared to your competition
  • Audience incline - Understand what moves your audience and the inclines they have
  • Content analysis - Information on the content that attracts most conversions for you. This way you will be able to tailor your next campaigns according to the information your prospective clientele is looking for online.
Future of marketing is now!

Open up your business potential and engage with your audience on a more precise level than ever before.

Online marketing is experiencing an overflow of content and it becomes increasingly hard to stand out from the crowd and deliver your message to the audience. Deep Enrichment Media changes that by engaging with your prospective user base on an emotional level, one where your offering acts as a betterment to their browsing experience. Our artificial intelligence marketing technology understands the web and publishes your content where it is most needed!