Elevate your asset potential!

Ad relevance is the key to revenue growth and our algorithms know exactly what to post and where to post!

A better way to provide ads to your audience!

Our artificial intelligence technology monitors everything that is posted on your pages including articles, official messages and even comments. It then evaluates the tone, intent, level of formality and works out the emotional load that each page carries, assigning just the right ads that fit the context. As a result, you provide your audience with targeted ad content that is increasingly prone to conversion and therefore carries a much larger revenue value. It becomes an emotional fit that follows the audience inclines, in return upgrading the relevancy of your pages and feel of your publication in general!

Benefits that go beyond standard ad supply
  • Precision targeting - Grant your user base with access to the ads and information that matters to them, greatly improving the mechanics of conversion.
  • Cross platform marketplace - As a publisher you can cross promote your own assets via our existing network of publishers, by either utilising your on platform balance or providing a vice versa service to another publisher.
  • Artificial intelligence - Our algorithm concentrates on releasing the potential of your publication/website and makes it relevant to the extent that is not common in the ad placement industry. We go beyond banners and ad boxes, seamlessly integrating the ads from ittechav network into your content, turning the browsing experience into its most native form.
  • Simple integration - It only takes a few lines of code to integrate with ittechav AI, and we’ll take care of the rest on our end. Once the integration process is complete, our algorithms will run the asset evaluation and start publishing ads that raise your conversion from day 2 of your onboarding.
Limitless support of your growth

We are always here to walk you through the on-boarding and dive into your specific needs. Let’s make each of your assets count!

Seamless content that compliments design

Get access to the most seamless integration of ads into your publication, without ruining the overall design and feel that you are trying to achieve. Our formats:

  • In text
  • Below the text
  • Feed view
  • Centre of the page
  • Location responsive pop-up
What people choose to see matters more than what’s placed in front of them!

This is why we created the algorithm that sees beyond general topics of your publication and delves deeper into its emotional context. By delivering exactly what people are in the mood for to see, we greatly improve conversion and resultantly, the remuneration you get from the ad assets that are being displayed. ittechav runs at the forefront of online ad marketing and serves as a platform for your growth and the future, which is now!